= September 3, 2012 =

Okay, so a lot of things to tell you all about. First off, a book that I designed the cover for is now on sale at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/InsaneXade! It is available in hard back, paper back, and electronic download for those that are interested in checking it out and purchasing the book. Another thing to let you all know about is that there is an End of Summer sales event going on in the Megaman section of my site store. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please send me an email at CoryBelote@gmail.com and we can set things up.

= June 11, 2012 =

Removed some of the sold items from the shop as well as cleaned up the Megaman section to make it easier to navigate.

= April 8, 2012 =

Fixed some problems with the Comics section of the site as well as added a few outgoing links to PlayAsia.com in the Shop sections that may show some other items you might be interested in purchasing. Work is continuing on the site at a fairly steady pace, so be sure to check back often for more updates. As much as I hate to do it, I am now opening a donations button on this page for those that would like to do so. Money from donations will go towards reducing shipping costs for items in the store, as well as for upkeep costs for the website. One thing to note about the store, all items are limited since I only have one of each item that is listed. That means that when the item is sold there are no more in stock, so if you are interested then please contact me and I shall work with you.

= April 1, 2012 =

Welcome to the new Wolf Eclipse website! While still under renovation, several new pages are now working. Including the "Shop" page which has its grand opening today! Please stop by for a look at what is for sale on this site.

= April 20, 2011 =

Welcome to the new Wolf Eclipse website! The website is currently being revamped, please pardon the mess.